Crave Concepts grew from passion.

Hey, I'm Chantelle. After spending years in hospitality,  time as a brand ambassador for a luxury spirit portfolio with Diageo, and visiting a bunch of countries to see how the best brands and venues communicated, I saw a need in the industry for a lean and agile resource that creatives, brands and establishments could partner with to showcase beautiful and thoughtfully crafted content. That was simultaneously nimble enough to adapt to the ever-shifting needs of the industry. 

With an enormous amount of support and gentle nudging from my partner in crime and liquor industry veteran, Richards v Wyk, this marked the inception of Crave Concepts - an innovative media and content-led creative agency. Our primary focus lies in crafting compelling stories, capturing the essence of the food, drinks, products, and people in this dynamic field.

Over the past ten years, we have grown into a collective of skilled professionals with insatiable curiosity. Experienced photographers, videographers, writers, editors and creative minds dedicated to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. We pride ourselves on our ability to immerse ourselves in the intricacies of each client's identity and distilling their essence into captivating visual narratives.




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